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almanac for a sanguine solstice
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almanac for a sanguine solstice is a documentation and elaboration that follows two synchronised journeys on the 2020 winter solstice. Though separated by 400 miles on Britains east coast, we follow two voices as they gradually sacrifice their melodies and allow the influence of their surroundings to control their tune.


Featuring music by Obakegaku お化け学 and artwork by Simon Kirby.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.


Obakegaku お化け学

Edinburgh based producer Ben Jones has been scoring, recording and performing electronic music under the moniker Obakegaku for the past five years. Over this time he has experimented with a variety of physical and virtual synthesizers, samplers, field recordings and tape loops; but for the past 2 years has been recording music with modular synthesis and algorithmic composition at the forefront. In addition to a catalogue of successful ambient and minimal releases, Ben has also  scored for short films, animation and independent videogames. In 2021, Ben looks forward to continuing to record music, developing multimedia collaborations, and hopefully resuming live performance.

Simon Kirby

Simon Kirby is a professor of 'language evolution' at the University of Edinburgh and an artist. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Cognitive Science Society, and a member of the Academy of Europe. His work parallels scientific and artistic investigations of cultural evolution and the origins of human uniqueness, particularly the evolution of language. In 1997 Simon founded the Centre for Language Evolution, which has pioneered techniques for growing languages in the experiment lab and exploring language evolution using computer simulations. His artistic work includes Cybraphon, which won a BAFTA in 2009 and is now part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of Scotland. Since the 2020 lockdown, Simon has been creating a series of pen-plotter drawings which allow the inclusion of sound in representations of place.

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